The “Lowdown” on Energy

a brief aside from Adam Millers, undergraduate at University of Iowa

Before the promised “lowdown” on energy, here is something about the similarities between string theory and the creation myth from Tolkien’s Silmarillion that, though completely unrelated, also completely deserves your attention.  Actually, there’s very little in that article about string theory– that’s because I came up with that idea myself (while probing into the backstory of Gandalf the Grey’s maiar roots).  Edit: as is usually the case, a quick search of Reddit revealed that I’m actually not (as close to) the first to have that idea as I thought.

So here’s a quick thought on energy…

Since oil is priced in dollars and the dollar is currently appreciating for a whole slew of reasons that should be properly addressed in a separate post, could the falling demand for oil have something to do with the falling purchasing power of the foreign countries that buy it?

By the way–

USD vs Oil Price

Might not mean anything, but if it does– well then rate hikes in 2015 should be even more interesting than they already are…